Precaution is the top priority

In 1998 I opened my practice in Köllnerhofgasse 6, in the first district of Vienna. It was a special concern of mine to run a "preventive ordination". This means that for me it has always been about protecting the health of my patients and helping them to take precautions. I see this as my real task as a doctor.

That is why I place particular emphasis on professional oral hygiene as a preventive and accompanying measure in my practice. At the same time, the reality is that many people only go to the dentist when they have complaints.

My many years of experience have shown that many of these complaints are directly related to an imbalance of the oral flora. The oral flora is an essential part of human health. There are about 750 different bacteria - most of them are benign and necessary for our health. However, if the number of harmful bacteria is too high, our teeth or gums become ill. Inflammations and infections arise and lead to various diseases, first and foremost periodontitis, which is also conventionally often called periodontosis.

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Periodontitis - the insidious widespread disease.

About 80% of all people are confronted with the diagnosis of periodontitis in the course of their lives - and it is often detected much too late. That is why, as a doctor, I have specialized particularly in this clinical picture. Among other things, I therefore trained in 2017 and trained in California, USA as a specialist for the so-called pin-hole technique. This technique is also called gum lift and makes it possible to reconstruct receding gums.

Crucial for dental health - the right care

However, correct care - and the right dental care products - are essential for preventing or curing these diseases. Conventional products are often too aggressive, too highly concentrated or do not target the care and healing of the sensitive gums. That is why I have spent many years intensively studying the scientifically proven healing power of various medicinal plants and essential oils. This knowledge was the basis for the dental care products Dr. Lhotka Vienna Organics developed by me.


Two glass vials and a tube. In it a precisely coordinated interplay of essential oils, first and foremost thyme, clove, lemon and lemongrass. The result of an intensive research process in which I put together certified organic herbs in such a way that their strengths come to perfect effect. Your dental care ritual at home. Free of parabens, formaldehyde and microplastics. Developed and manufactured in Austria.

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There are about 750 different bacteria in our oral cavity, many bacteria in the mouth are harmless, even necessary for intact oral health, but unfortunately not all of them. These pathogenic bacteria are the reason for acute and chronic inflammations in the mouth. Periodontitis, often colloquially called "paradontosis", is probably the best known of these diseases. Periodontitis (paradontosis) is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults. The disease is particularly Antibiotics are usually used to treat acute dental diseases, thus killing disease-causing bacteria. However, this does not eliminate the risk of the bacteria growing again. However, it is essential to ensure that the pathogenic "bad" bacteria are killed. At the same time, it must be ensured that the "good" bacteria, namely those that are necessary to maintain a healthy oral flora, are not also killed.

"Simply put, it's always about the oral flora. There are good bacteria and bad bacteria. To stay or become healthy, the disease-causing bacteria must be killed and the good bacteria must be maintained. Otherwise, you will only ever achieve short-term improvement. And at worst, you weaken your own immune system in such a way that you open the door for renewed illnesses."


Starting with herbal remedies and active ingredients whose healing power had already been proven and which he had been using successfully in his practice for many years, Dr Roberto Lhotka began to research herbs and herbal ingredients whose effect against bacteria and viruses could be scientifically proven. The results were so convincing that for Dr. Lhotka another variant was no longer an option.

In the next step, he focused on researching the development of diseases in the dental and oral area. In 2015, he started his own diversified patient studies. The starting point was always the so-called Hain test, which detects pathogenic bacteria in the oral flora. These bacteria are the origin of diseases such as periodontitis, bad breath, bleeding gums and gum recession.

To get the best result, he compared the results of the Hain test with his research of herbal remedies. He tested until he found not only the most harmonious combination, but also the ideal dosage. About 7 years ago, Dr. Lhotka started with different studies on patients and inside. The core of these studies was the so-called Hain test, which detects pathogenic germs. These germs cause complaints such as periodontitis, bleeding gums, gum recession or bad breath.

Five years ago Dr. Lhotka started a range of patient studies, focusing on the Hain test that identifies disease-causing germs. These germs cause complaints such as periodontitis, bleeding gums, bad breath and receding gums.

Based on the knowledge gained from this, he developed ORGANIC DENTAL CARE by DR. LHOTKA VIENNA ORGANICS - antimicrobial dental care products on a purely natural basis in organic quality.

Wolfgang Lederhaas
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Wolfgang ist Aromatherapeut, Parfümeur und Kosmetikhersteller. Im Jahr 2011 gründete er die Premium-Naturkosmetikmarke und das Creative Lab LEDERHAAS, wo er eigene und externe Produkte entwirft und kreiert. Seine Kooperationen mit Stars wie Nikolaus Harnoncourt und Arnulf Rainer erregten weltweit Aufmerksamkeit. Seine Produkte wurden unter anderem mit dem "European Design Award" und dem "red dot award" ausgezeichnet. Wolfgang ist Dozent für Kosmetologie und Aromatherapie. Außerdem ist er Innungsmeister der chemischen Innung in Österreich - der Innung für Natur- und Biokosmetik. All das - und noch viel mehr - macht ihn zu einem ausgewiesenen Experten auf dem Gebiet der Aromatherapie. Zusammen mit seinem Perfektionismus und seiner ganzheitlichen Denkweise war er der perfekte Partner, um mich bei diesem Prozess zu unterstützen. Wolfgang kennt nicht nur die genaue Heilwirkung und Anwendung jedes ätherischen Öls, er weiß auch genau, welche Dosierung in einer Rezeptur für Ausgewogenheit sorgt.

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Since virtually all dental problems originate in the oral flora, serious treatment must begin precisely there. The oral flora is the basis for harmful bacteria - and at the same time also the basis for intact dental health. "When it comes to human health, there can be no compromise. That's why my dental care series contains the most modern medical knowledge, my decades of experience in treating patients, and only ingredients that have been personally curated by me and are of the highest quality. I owe this to my patients and my principles as a doctor. I have chosen to use nothing but the highest quality plant extracts, as there are no active ingredients more precious, pure and effective than those that nature offers us. Verified by cutting-edge research, my products offer the perfect symbiosis of research and nature." Through the specific combination of essential oils and herbal extracts of each product, the product line complements the professional oral hygiene performed by the dentist. In this way, teeth can also be cared for systematically and sustainably at home.
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